Resol Poshtel Tokyo opens today

Resol Poshtel opens today, January 22, 2020 (Wednesday). It is operated by the Resol Group which operates the “Hotel Resol” brand at 15 locations nationwide. Unwind after a fun day of exploring Asakusa at this relaxing capsule hotel. You can relax in your cabin or go to the living room / lounge to chat with other travelers.

The 1st floor is the entrace, the 2nd floor is the men’s floor and living lobby. The 3rd floor is the mixed floor, and the 4th floor is the ladies’ floor.

The spacious cabins are inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. Beautiful Japanese artworks decorate the room and 2 layers of curtains provide good sound insulation for a restful evening.

If you are traveling in large groups, the rooms can also be adjusted to accomodate up to 12 people in the same room.

The hotel has free wi-fi. It also has a smoking room, powder room, shower room, and wheelchair accesible bathroom. There are also laundromats for washing your clothes.

[Overview of Resol Poshtel Tokyo]
Address: 2-25-1 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035
Phone no.: 03-5830-6118
Access: About 2 minutes on foot from Tsukuba Express “Asakusa” station.
About 5 minutes on foot from Ginza Line “Tawaramachi’ station.
About 9 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station on the Asakusa Line and Ginza Line.

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